After 14 years of observations, 17 years since the project conception, 26 planets discovered, and dozens of papers, the KELT transit search is ending.  This transition has been long-expected, since the NASA TESS mission has revolutionized the discovery of transiting exoplanets.  We will continue observations by both KELT telescopes for as long as practical, since there is so much more science to be done outside of transit discovery.  Thank you to everyone who supported the KELT project!

We are also in the process of releasing the entire KELT data archive online, adding much more to the currently available data at the NASA Exoplanet Archive.  That process takes a huge amount of time and effort, so please be patient.  If you are interest in obtaining KELT photometry for a small number of stars, please email us we will work to send you what we can at this time.

- The KELT Team

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Posted by Dan Burger on 03/09/2020