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KELT is designed to discover more of these extremely valuable planets.  We have designed our telescopes to achieve maximum precision around V=8, and to maintain precision to better than 1% accuracy as faint as V=10.

Because of the way a ground-based transit survey operates, KELT is looking for transiting hot Jupiters, by which we mean planets in orbital periods of less than 10 days, and masses larger than about half the size of Jupiter.


[1] S06 and N14 are joint fields of each other, collectively J06.

[2] S12 and N15 are joint fields of each other.

[3] Target1 (S34) (S33 as Commissioning). 5623 images processed in commissioning.

[4] S32 / S31 (Blanco1 / S31 as Commissioning). 2294 images processed in commissioning.

[5] Reduced but not yet searched.

[6] DJS: 2014-12-30

[7] S06 has an additional first observation date of 2015-05-06.

[8] S12 has additional first observation dates of 2014-09-13 and 2017-09-03.


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New 'hot Jupiter' with short orbital period discovered

Jul 12

(—An international team of astronomers reports the discovery of a new "hot Jupiter" exoplanet with a short orbital period of just three and a half days. The newly detected giant planet, designated KELT-20b, circles a rapidly rotating star known as HD 185603 (or KELT-20). The finding was presented in a paper published July 5 on

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Mysterious Stellar Eclipse Point To A Giant Ringed Gas Planet Surrounded By A Ring Of Dust

Jun 07

Scientists have discovered a giant ringed gas planet which is likely caused by a mysterious stellar eclipse. The planet has 50 times mass of Jupiter and it is surrounded by a ring of dust. According to researchers from the University of Warwick, this planet is hurtling around a star more than 1000 light years away from Earth.

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New 'hellish,' hot planet rivals most stars

Jun 06

Researchers recently discovered a strange, scorching-hot planet that is only slightly cooler than our sun.

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Major KELT-South Planet discovery

Apr 13

KELT-11b is the latest discovery from KELT-South. It is extraordinarily inflated, with a mass one fifth that of Jupiter but a size almost 40% larger, so the bulkdensity is below 0.1 grams per cc.

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